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​Sigle sex education recognizes that men and women are different, physically, psychologically and behaviorally. Boys and girls learn in unique ways. Our model caters to the specific needs of each student in an integral manner that adapts to the rhythm o maturity and fosters his/her abilities, giving each one what they need to achieve their full potential.

We offer equal opportunities. Both boys and girls complete the same curriculum strengthened by having same sex teachers.


  • Single sex education schools are centers of high academic achievement that allow boys and girls to obtain maximum intellectual and social develeopment.
  • Single sex education understands that between the ages of 7 and 16 the level of maturity for boys and girls is very different, and that this affects their way of learning.
  • Single sex education facilitates the creation of sincere and close friendships with classmates of their same sex.
  • In single sex education classrooms the emotional, behavioral and evolutionary variables are more homogenous allowing for greater attention to personal diversity.