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Periodically, our students meet with their designated guidance counselor to help them establish and meet their personalized improvement plan.  The purpose of the personalized improvement plan is to help instill competencies and virtues that are necessary to meet academic, spiritual and life goals.

The guidance counselor supports and guides the student’s parents in forming a Family Education project, which will further help their children meet their goals. This is how the personalized education of our students is carried out.

The parent’s role is a central piece of our education system, since they are the main educators of their children.   For this reason, we strive for the parent’s continued training and formation in addition to our teachers. 

 The project has a structured curriculum that follows an annual program of various activities that address marriage, family, developmental stages of children and their specific needs, effective education, character formation and human virtues.  These activities may include seminars, parent-teacher seminars, and age and level appropriate intensive courses.

Additionally, in order to help parents with the different issues of their children’s daily life, we also provide monthly retreats, conferences, and a monthly magazine, “Hacer Familia”, which contains age appropriate educational content.​